Lexus GS Hybrid (2011 and older)

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GS Hybrid (2011 and older) MSRP: $ 58950.00
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The Lexus GS hybrid, is one of the best sedans and is loaded with awesome gadgets and gizmos. The Hybrid technology and the strong powerful engine give this car great value. The list of the features is never ending and this car is priced at $ 58,950 (USD). The Ni MH battery in the car also uses all the advanced techniques to conserve energy and also in turn saves fuel, making this a very fuel-efficient engine. The car has a lot in store for everyone and the efficient technology makes it really worth every single penny.
  • 3.5 liter V6
  • 25/28 MPG (city/highway)
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Continuously Variable Transmission

CarReview's opinion of the 2008 Lexus GS 450h

  • Luxurious yet not ostentatious, inside and out: that’s the Lexus way
  • Ridiculous torque makes passing easy and high-speed cruising a pleasure
  • Hybrid drive means a performance car that doesn’t feel silly stuck in traffic
  • Keyless entry and exit done right
  • “Quick start guide” is 58 pages long
  • Weighs over two tons and it isn’t even AWD
  • Map lights are really dim, light switches are hard to find in the dark
  • Batteries for the hybrid drive don’t leave much trunk space
Verdict: The GS 450h is really a 4-door Grand Touring car: even the styling recalls a two-door coupe, and it’s happiest at 50 MPH and above, where the abundant torque and sure-footed high-speed handling let you put hundreds of miles behind you in an alarmingly short time. When judged as such, it succeeds.

To appreciate the GS 450h, you have to get stuck in a traffic jam. Instead of idling away at $3.50 a gallon and overheating, the engine simply cuts off, the electric motor takes care of advancing you three car lengths at a time, and your blood pressure stays low. This intangible benefit is the real reason to pay extra for that little “h”. If your driving habits make this important to you, it’ll be money well spent. If not, you can save the money, the weight, and the trunk space.

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