2011 Mazda MAZDA3

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MAZDA3 MSRP: $ 15800.00
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  • Best zoom-zoom for the dollar
  • Fun to drive
  • Impressive looking interior
  • Hatchback utility with 5-door model
  • Very small navigation display
  • Goofy grin for the grille
  • Limited cabin and trunk space
Ruling: Some may grimace at the smiling front grille, but it's hard to ignore the fun driving experience and affordable price tag of a sedan/hatchback that provides a high quality feel.

The 2011 Mazda3 is available as a four-door sedan and a four-door hatchback. The hatchback has a roomier cargo area, and is great for buyers who haul more stuff. The sedan and hatchback are available in i and s trims. The s trims are more powerful, and feature the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 167 horsepower and 168 pound-feet of torque.

Because the Mazda3 was just redesigned for 2010, the 2011 Mazda3 is almost identical to the 2010. Reviewers agree that the Mazda3 maintains its reputation as a zippy, fun car with a high-quality feel that appeals to buyers who want a touch of sass in their commute but also want to stick to a budget.

CarReview's opinion of the: 2010 Mazda MAZDA3

  • Breaks the bang-for-buck barrier into a billion bits
  • Six-speed manual
  • Top-shelf interior
  • Quieter cabin
  • Tight back seat
  • Styling a bit hard to warm up to - particularly in the i Touring trim.

Ruling: A car that everyone, and we do mean everyone, can love.

If you've labored tirelessly for years just so you can afford a status-symbol sled like a BMW 3-series, stop wasting your precious life for such an empty ego boost. Instead, save your money, go out and buy a fully-loaded MAZDA3s GT, and always remember, "Just because it isn't fancy doesn't mean it isn't high quality." Words to live by, especially in times such as these.


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