Orion HCCA 250G4 Amplifier

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HCCA 250G4 Amplifier MSRP: $ 559.95
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Reviewed by:
rwillis23 willis

Review Date
July 16, 2003

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Review 1 of 1 , from Stl, MO, USA

Price Paid:  $350.00 from online

Year / Model Reviewed:
 2001 HCCA 250g4

I've heard of these things being current hogs, but I have a 75amp alternator and I run a alpine 757 to my front comp. along with this amp with NO problems. POWER, and then some......Even more Power IntelliQ is AWSOME, I allows me to give my sub a nice 6 db boost around 32 hz and I bet I could make a girl oragasm when it drops low, and I am SO serious. Audibly makes my sub hit lower than my Crossfire (rated for 1000 watts) did. IntelliQ also acts as a subsonic filter to protect your sub from unloading under the tuning freq. Heavy duty connectors, and 50x2 comp. rating!!!!!100 watt amp, putting out close to 1KW. For the competitor: with bigger fuses and strong elec. system you can burp them under 1 ohm mono. Heard one burped @ .67 ohms MONO, JESUS....even MORE power.

This thing is an absolute BEAST. Only weaknesses would be, it isn't the easiest amp to install (FOR BEGINNERS), if you've done it even once before you'll breeze through it. It does get a little hot after long hours of play, but it is running @1 ohm mono (.5 ohm stereo!!), how many amps do you know that can do that. It doesn't dare shut off on me. Recommend strong elec. system, more power you give it, the more it will put out. I had to nit pick to find a weakness. It is the best amp I have ever used, period.

I was looking in the reviews for the HCCA series amplifiers and saw that this beautiful piece of work had no reviews. So here we go: I bought an HCCA 225g4 around Christmas time to run my 2 alpine type r 10's, I didn't know if it woulod be enough power. Oh my god, it absolutley killed those 10's. I sold it to a friend in need (trying to get it back now) and I bought the 250g4 a little over a month ago. I have it hooked up to an Image Dynamics IDMAX (ridiculous SQ/spl sub) and it is oh so loud. I have one 12 ported in 2 cuft. with this HCCA and I murdered my buddy with 2 12" RF He2's and a 700S amp. The HCCA line is my favorite line of amps of all time. The put out SO SO SO much power. 250g4 rated @ 800 watts w/ 12volts. BUT this amp is actually louder than my Crossfire BMF1000D I had hooked up to my idmax before. I've heard this thing push 2 15w3's like they were tissue paper. I love it SO much , I bought another. Soon I'll have 2 250g4's on 2 IDMAX's, that should be blissful :). Oh yeah, with my 4 volt preout, my gain is at 1/3, so not even 1/2.

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alpine 757 (totally different class) RF 700S (NOT EVEN CLOSE) Crossfire BMF1000D (excellent amp, but I likes the HCCA better--has IntelliQ, rated @ 50x2, looks better, and has the ability to run spe

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