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Perfect for the traveler, the BEL 990 detects both American and International frequencies! Select North American or International Radar Frequencies. This product features a flash microcontroller that lets you update the unit as new police radar threats emerge, separate radar and laser visual alerts and voice alerts, city/highway modes, Instant-On/Pulsed Radar distinct alert, radar signal strength and laser meter, and a text message digital display.

This product detects X,K, Super Wideband KA radar and laser front and rear laser, total tracker laser detection Digital Voice prompts for X K Superwide Ka radar, laser and SWS.

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January 13, 2004

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Price Paid:  $340.00 from Etronics

Year / Model Reviewed:
2003 Bel 990i

voice alert and nothing else


well, the most thing what I consider that I have to get a perfect detector and where do you live before you deside which detector you should buy it, anyway I live in Egypt, which Egyptian police are using Ka band (34,700) which at the most hard band to detect it, the way of Egyptian police using their radar, are hide behind something or after curves or even strick, so I bought fisrt detector Bel 940, it was damn poor to detect Ka, I tried many times to make sure that Bel 940 is working or not, but unfortunately it detect it but away from police radar only 20 feet that it no way to help myself reduce my speed, the result of Bel 940 is ZERO, then I emailed with several websites in order to get their advices, mostly they said 990i will work in Egypt, then I deside to buy it, so finally I got it the detector bel 990i, guys I was soooooo exciting to test it aganist our Ka band (34,700), but what can I say, I got damn depress when I found it got the same result as bel 940, I made a lot of setup with 990i from N america to travel mode, and adjust from accusweep to Swide band, but nothing, I got so much disappointed with bel 990i, so I wasted my money on bel 990i and bel 940, like I throw my money in wastebasket, damn I lost almost 530 US Dollars for nothing, really I got annoyed soooooo much, beside the web site of Beltronics has no email to complain. Gays and girls, if you are living out of USA, you should make for sure before you buy a detector, I mean, now I'm in Egypt, so I can not return it back or even exchange by other one's. After long search, I deside to buy Escort 8500, cause friend of mind bought it last month, and really is working with Ka band, so I hope that my advice could help you.

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