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by Kevin Bowe

2007 Infiniti G35
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I had the privilege of driving another Infiniti masterpiece, better known as the G35. Coming off the review of the FX35, I thought it would be tough to top the high standards I expect from Infiniti, but somehow they found a way! It seems that all the minor short comings of the FX35 were improved with near perfect results. Because Infiniti tends to share many of their designs in all their automobiles, much of the same attention grabbing qualities seen in the FX35, were incorporated into the G35 (Nice exterior silver accents to great quality leather), this review will avoid being redundant, resulting in a shorter review, yet hopefully just as entertaining.

Pros and Cons

  • Stylish good looks
  • Great driver controllability (Both handling & w/ interior)
  • Smoothness of ride & performance
  • Too sensitive brakes/accelerator
  • High cost of ownership
07 infiniti g3507 infiniti g35

Exterior Styling

As you already know, Infiniti has an obsession with making glamorous automobiles that demand attention and the occasional drool due to their classic sleek styling. They provide a perfect blend of sophistication with sports car aggression, which is very apparent in the all new G35’s redesigned exterior. Infiniti has rounded out the hard lines of the previous generation G35 exterior to the more sleek lines seen on the new 2007 G35.

Interior Styling

With a flawless exterior that rivals the great craftsmanship of the early artisans of the past, I expected nothing less from Infiniti when it came to the interior, and I was not disappointed. From the push button ignition, to the illuminated one-touch auto-up/down switches for the moon roof and driver/passenger’s windows, it’s the little conveniences that make you feel the magic that this car is capable of. Manipulation suddenly becomes a good thing with a telescoping steering wheel; cruise and audio control switches mounted on the steering wheel; and heated/cooled, 8-way power driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar support makes anything possible while driving. In the G35 I found the Infiniti Controller, with 7-inch display, to be much more user friendly than the FX35 I previously reviewed. The interior design of the Infiniti G35 gave me the impression that the needs of the driver are of the utmost priority. Every aspect of the car shows the highest quality of materials - even commonly overlooked pieces such as turn signal stalk and the gear shifter feel good underneath the fingertips. The most fun I had was when I stumbled upon the audio/video ports (yellow, red, and white) in the storage compartment underneath the center armrest. Just imagine what type of devices can be plugged into the auxiliary ports.

2007 Infiniti G35 engine bayInfiniti G35 cockpitInfiniti G35 5-speed automatic


Performance is the G35’s middle name. Sporting 305 horsepower from a 3.5 liter V6 engine providing 268 lbs of torque, pushes this car, pushes real good! This car’s ability to go from CEO’s commuter car to weekend road warrior is remarkable. I pushed this car to the max, taking it around curvy mountain roads, which also pushed my editor’s stomach to the max, requesting a short break half way up my attack of the mountain. The handling was great, never felt excessive body roll or even a moment when it felt like the car was getting away from me. Even when I encountered rough un-maintained parts of road, the suspension provided me with constant smoothness, which should be expected from a luxury automobile. I only encountered one small problem with the G35’s performance; it seemed as if the reaction from the acceleration/brakes made the car jerky. A slight touch would either catapult you to the moon or to a sudden abrupt stop. This brought memories making me feel like I was 16 years again, learning how to drive for the first time. Besides the slight learning curve that the car demands, the G35 was a perfect date, giving me everything I wanted and very little of the negatives.


When it comes to value, the name says it all, “G all that for 35k!” I was definitely surprised to see just how much luxury Infiniti could really put into the G35 with a prize starting at $31,450, but I would soon find out that there were more costs associated with the G35 than you think. The newest car factoid is the total cost of ownership, which goes beyond getting the car off the lot, but rather off the lot plus five years. It computes all costs that buyers should be aware of before buying a car; like insurance, maintenance, gas, and other hidden fees. Even though the G35 starts at the lower end compared to the Mercedes-Benz C-class, BMW 3-series and Acura TL, it tops the group with a total price of $60,000 after five years. Now compare this number to $56-59k estimated 5 year cost of ownership for the other guys! Even though the G35 might have some hidden costs, it should not deter potential buyers from enjoying this sweet ride!















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