Hyundai Sonata Midsize | Compact



  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Attractive and comfortable interior
  • Long list of standard features
  • Impressive safety and crash test ratings
  • Long warranty period
  • Rear seat headroom not suited for tall people
  • Road noise intrudes cabin at highway speeds
  • Missing V6 option
Ruling: Sharply-styled inside and out, and remarkably fuel-efficient, the all-new 2011 Hyundai Sonata is a crowd pleaser.

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A.Minar   [Jan 13, 2011]
Model Reviewed: Sonata 2.0T

Spacious enough for a dozen people! It's an amazing piece of engineering. Looks like a million bucks, but it’s not!


Depends mostly on the driver really... But as far as you know, brand new cars need to pass a certain amount of millage before you put the pedal to the medal...Aside from that, I don't think most of you including me have any complains about it.

First, I'd like to ask you this - Have you ever dreamed of driving a fancy luxurious/sporty car like Mercedes or BMW? Yeah I figured you did, and I've got the exact thing that will make you feel what it likes to be around one as I have all the good news that will push you one step closer into the sensation of driving your fantasy!

The all new Sonata falls directly into the luxurious grade as this car got several tricks up its sleeves, it won the award for its performance and it's astounding looks such as the highlights of this thoroughly outstanding sedan include its eye-catching body structure - Fluidic Sculpture design, which gives the impression of motion (speed), even while at rest, The curvature and the embedded stripes at the sides and the whole piece altogether looks stunning, and what makes it even more ironic is that the car is lengthier, wider (interior is like a bed room!) and lighter. It’s beautiful luxuriously appointed interior notches its beauty over the edge!!

Now! The performance - Well for starters, the 2.4L Sonata F24-GDI with 201bhp will blow the so called 2.5L Toyota Camry to dust.
And for the 2.0T version, It Only takes about 6.5 seconds with the 2.0L turbocharged (2.0T) 4-Cylinder engine with eye-raising 274bhp @6000 rpm and 269 ft. lbs. Torque between 1800-4500rpm to vomit on every other car in your town! Its excitement won't have you sitting on the edge of your seat. No, this was made to dash you right into your seat-back, or you can think of it this way: Experience the power of a V6 from a four, plus get 33 MPG (highway) and 22MPG (city)!
The engine is that powerful, economical and cleaner. It's leading all the cars in its class!!

6 speed automatic shift stick/flappy pedal gear box - smooth shifting is just a part of the story!! So it isn't a bad choice at all even if you're a 60year old bloke looking to beat all cars with your eyes closed and relaxed ;D

It Comes with the ultimate satisfaction of your dreams - Makes you rest assured that you are riding on 18" Alloy Rims strapped to your wheels (How Lucky And Perfect Is that!!) :D

Interior - one of the outstanding features of this car, to put it in short - It has all the options an ordinary BMW has!! Starting from leathery-interior to the alluring automatics of all features and most noticeably, its thermal heat massage equipped seats!

Safety - You'd be safe even if a train runs you over!! ;D with its dual fluffy airbags holding you tight upfront and from your side doors! You won't even get a scratch!

Comfort and Speed (huge issues solved!!) - It'll make you sleep because of its amazing seats – one of Hyundai’s specialties!!
In case if you're worrying about your loving mother or grandmother complaining about speeding, don't worry at all!!! They won't feel a thing even if you're going at 160-170km/h (at least!!) - From the outside, it'll pass all cars like a bullet but from the inside, you'll feel like you're flying up in the sky!! It’s a Silenced Beast!

A recent post from AMCI-certified vehicle testing says:
"In recent comparison testing, the all-new Sonata outperformed a higher class of competition. A 2010 Lexus ES350 and a 2010 Mercedes-Benz C300. The numbers don't lie.
Whether you like it or not, the numbers for braking, cornering and active safety were better for the Sonata. And, Hyundai loves to point this out. So taking an average, it performs a lot better than a Lexus and a Mercedes in a sense. What surprises will Hyundai bring in the upcoming years?? We'll just have to wait and see..."

Just a final reminder:-
So you ask yourself...Is it too much to spend $24,000 to get the ultimate ride of your life?...Well, give it a thought one last time before you go and quit on it and buy something you'll regret later... Just keep this in your mind - It's a million dollar car actually, but you won't have to spend a million dollars on it to beat other million dollar cars :D

Similar Products Used: Sonata Outperforms every other competition in its class and even higher...Camry, Accord, Altima etc...And then there's the Mercedes and Lexus.
They are great cars, but where does the Sonata stand in your list? Similar or better? :D
If you ask me, I'd say a lot better without a doubt.
Ms V   [Jan 05, 2011]
Model Reviewed: Hyundai Sonata

The body is very sleek and give a classy look for Hyundai. The sound system has a very nice quality. The car just as many of the fancy "bells and whistles" and it's competitors.


Horn, Rattle sound (internally)from passenger side, ABS/Tires - not sure which but do not hit a patch of ice or icy road because you will be sailing without any controls. Just in an accident and foot was all the way to the floor and the car just kept going. I was not speeding and the roads were slighly covered with light dusting of snow. I pressed my foot all the way to the floor but the car just kept going non stop directly for the car in front of me. I tried blowing the horn when I noticed there was no stoppping that was taking place but other driver said he barely heard it - truly frightening!!! I am truly scared to drive the car.

Overall I really do enjoy the car but the ABS system really need to be looked over - seriously before someone truly get hurt really bad or killed.

Similar Products Used: Honda Accord, Toyota Camary
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