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Nissan cube® (2010 and older) Minivans | Wagons 


The Nissan cube is a 4-door, 5-passenger wagon, available in 4 trims, ranging from the 1.8 to the 1.8 S Krom Edition.

The 1.8 is equipped with a standard 1.8-liter, I4, 122-horsepower engine that achieves 25-mpg in the city and 30-mpg on the highway. A 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive is standard.

The 1.8 S Krom Edition is equipped with a standard 1.8-liter, I4, 122-horsepower engine that achieves 27-mpg in the city and 31-mpg on the highway. A variable speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard.


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[Oct 07, 2011]
Cube Bert
Model Reviewed: S


Totally comfortable, reliable, economical, quick, stylish, practical, maneuverable, whimsical, safe with great visibility. It is fun.


Style not for everyone. The CVT may have some reliability issues, long term. (Nissan sent me a letter extending the CVT warranty to 100,000 miles). Blows around on the highway if it's windy. Pretty plasticky on the inside, but also very cleanable. Stupid wheel covers on the lower end models. Cargo area is VERY dark (despite light) at night.

I've owned my cube S CVT for a little over 1.5 years. It is a great car, but you have to be pretty self confident to drive it (for a man, at least). I don't care. The seats are like sofa chairs and the car is PERFECT for drive-thru windows. The stereo is decent and the ride is smooth and quiet. It handles pretty well and stops great. It even has a full stability control system, a ton of airbags and ABS so it is very safe. I plan on handing this car down to my daughter as her first car in a couple of years and it seems perfect for a teen's first car. Totally reliable so far (20k miles). The dashboard MPG computer is a bit optimistic, but my own calculations put my OVERALL average fuel economy somewhere around 28 mpg. It is a great car for road trips and is about as much fun as you can have in a front wheel drive car when the road turns twisty. The split-fold down rear seat is great, it has a fold down armrest w/ two cupholders, both sides RECLINE independently, and it even SLIDES back and forth if you need more cargo room in the back. The steering wheel and dashboard are not your typical Nissan fare and the instrument panel is very cool w/ a moon-earth combo. The windshield washer reservoir is seemingly bottomless and takes an entire huge bottle of fluid to fill it up. Visibility is great for traffic and backing up and I can do a U-turn on just about any street w/o doing a 3 point turn. Parking is a snap. I used to drive a van and a UPS truck and, honestly, the cube feels like a small van from behind the wheel, but it definitely handles like a car. And rides like a French car (it's based on a Renault chassis, I believe). Soft and cushy, but good handling when you need it.

People joke about my car, but when they sit in it or ride in it, they quit joking and always start noticing all the cool design features, comfortable ride, and roomy interior.

The small engine and CVT will move the car w/ authority, but you have to be prepared to floor the gas pedal now and then. I'm pretty merciless when I need to merge or something and the cube just revs up and then shoots forward. I've driven other cars w/ CVTs (subaru and a dodge caliber) and this Nissan CVT is WAY better than either of those. If I didn't do a lot of city driving, I would have saved a grand and gone w/ the manual.

I got the car dirt cheap as a leftover 2009 model. I don't think the cube is selling very well so you can probably get a pretty good deal on one. But I heard that Nissan may start importing less of them. Oh, yes it is still made in Japan. Say what you want, if I'm buying a small Japanese econobox, I'm buying the one still made in Japan. They are bulletproof.

Finally, everyone jokes about the useless round piece of carpet on the dash. They are idiots. That piece of carpet is PERFECT for tossing your sunglasses, cell phone, or other miscellaneous crap on. Especially if you plug your cell phone into the radio for Pandora like I do. There are also handy bands on the doors for holding pieces of paper like parking stubs or written notes. The glovebox is cavernous and has at least two levels. Above the glovebox is a little shelf that works great for the passenger if you put one of those non-slip pieces of rubber on it. There are 10 (ten!) cupholders. One is perfectly placed high on the dash by the drivers window and it has a cutout that would even allow a coffee mug handle or let you slip a Red Bull can in next to a regular sized can (that would make 11 cupholders). The fabric on the seats is indestructable and very cozy.

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