Lamborghini Gallardo Sports

Lamborghini Gallardo Sports 


The Gallardo is a 2-door, 2-passenger luxury sports car, or convertible sports car, available in two trims, the LP560-4 Coupe and the LP560-4 Spyder.

Both trims are equipped with a standard 5.2-liter, V10, 560-horsepower engine that achieves 12-mpg in the city and 20-mpg on the highway.


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[Mar 07, 2010]
Justin Griffin-Holst
Model Reviewed: Gallardo Spyder


Incredibly Fast, Incredibly Comfortable, E-Gear Made Me Drool


About this car, please.

I've actually driven this car....well the Spyder (convertible Gallardo). My wife and rented it from CB Motorcars in Seattle (I just went to find a link for them and their website has changed (and or their name)). As with a lot of exotic car rental companies, it takes a lot of capital to keep the business up and running when the cars are just sitting there. Maybe they folded.

Anyway, my wife is from that area and she went to Wa-Hi (Walla Walla High School), and was having a reunion. Since we both work hard and don't take a lot of vacations, we decided to splurge and rent a brand new 2007 Gallardo Spyder (Neon Orange with a black top). When I originally called the agency they said that they didn't have the car yet, but that if I agreed to rent it for the weekend, they could lay their hands on it by the time we got there. I agreed and we showed up to this absolutely beautiful car sitting out front.

I signed all the paperwork, we went outside so the guy could give us the rundown on how everything worked.
First thing to consider if you ever rent/buy one of these things...the front "trunk" is tiny (and I'm sure you're all saying, "well, duh"), but I mean even tinier than you would think. And, to make matters worse, they put a transverse divider right across the compartment. So, what would have 'maybe' accommodated a small flight attendant bag, now only accommodates the equivalent of 2 VCR's. So, while the guy was showing me where everything was and how it operated, my wife repacked our flight attendant bag and duffle bag into those small compartments.

Okay, on to the car.
The electronic top is an engineering wonder. I'll do my best to describe how it works so that you can visualize what I'm talking about. You push and hold a button on the dash/console. The rear "fins" of the top unlatch and point skyward. The rear engine decklid unlatches from just behind the driver's head/firewall and the rear decklid pivots skyward (hinged near the rear bumper).

Once there is ample clearance, the roof unlatches from the windowsill and starts retracting back and collapses itself (along with the skyward pointing "fins") into a cubby just above the engine...then the rear decklid eases back down and latches. It is such a site to behold...absolute genius.

The e-gear is even more incredible. I'm sure if you are reading this, you are as enthralled with this car as I am and know that the formula style paddles work on a plus/minus system....pull the left paddle towards you to downshift, pull the right paddle towards you to upshift. Pull both paddles towards you simultaneously to go into neutral.

Reverse is something entirely different. You pull both paddles towards you to get the car into neutral, then there is a button on the dash, left and a little horizontally below the steering column. You press that firmly and the car shifts into reverse. Pull the paddles towards you simultaneously and the car is again in neutral.

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