Hondata Honda ECU Modification and Enhancement Engine Management

Honda ECU Modification and Enhancement

Hondata modifies standard Honda engine computers (ECUs), adding features and expanding the capabilities of the ECU (e.g. for forced induction). There are 2 basic product categories. The first category includes fully tunable systems for B-series, D-series, H-series and F-series engines. The second includes reflashes and fully programmable systems for K-series engines.

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vbb   [Sep 27, 2010]
Model Reviewed: Acura RSX Type S

Modification is really noticeable - in a good way. Improved torque



I have but one question: Why doesn't the car come like this stock?

To all of those people that said they couldn't really feel a difference from when they installed Hondata... wow, I find that pretty hard to believe. As soon as I installed it, I could swear I felt it in reverse when I backed out of my driveway. Sure, that might be somewhat of an exaggeration, but it really felt like it was there. At any rate, I went down the street to a fairly open stretch of road and took it up to 8600 in 1st gear, just to make sure the reflash was there . I was a little hesitant on the throttle though, because there was traffic, so I did feel a slight VTEC kick aroun 5800 or so. WTF? I thought it was supposed to lower my VTEC point to 5200. But then, I remembered that's only at full throttle. Unfortunately, this was all done around rush hour, and the traffic was far too great for me to really test it out. I did automatically notice that even in 6th gear I had some pull, and the car felt overall pretty tourqe-y. I didn't get a chance to do a lot of driving after that.

Flash forward to this morning. Finally no traffic on the roads at all. I go to my favorite on-ramp to the highway... one of those slight curved and long sweeping ones. Time to see what this can do. WOAH!!! I seriously felt like I was driving someone else's car. I punched it in 2nd gear and it was a smooth ride right up to 8600. No VTEC dip at all... I could hardly even tell when it changed over. I was going WAY faster than I ever had on that onramp, and I've taken it at full throttle many, many times before. There is no doubt about it, Hondata definitely works like a charm. It's so much of a difference that it takes some getting used to. I could always tell about how fast I was going without even looking at the speedometer. Not anymore. Once I got off the highway and back onto the regular streets (where the speed limit is 45) I was constantly going 50-55 before I even thought to check. I'm going to have to watch that. Throttle response is so much different now. It feel like my gas pedal is tighter, if that makes sense. The only other "go" mod that I have is the AEM V2 intake. For all of those that have it, you know how loud it gets at VTEC. Well, not anymore (which I actually think is a good thing). Because of the much smoother changeover, it's just a nice throaty sound all the way up to the top.

Well, I'm sure you've all read 1000 reviews before, but I just had to post up number 1001. Hondata is really that good.

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