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by Natasha M.

2007 Toyota Yaris
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Pros and Cons

  • Affordable transportation
  • Fuel efficient
  • Large cargo area

  • Lack of standard power equipment
  • Tthe position of the speedometer is in an awkward position
Toyota Yaris center console

Driving Impressions

Test-driving the Yaris threw me back to my world as an art student in college bustling back and forth between campus, visiting home and traveling to two different jobs. I remembered how tight my budget was and how a reliable a car was needed that would also help me save major bucks on gas. This 2007 Toyota Yaris would have fit the bill perfectly!

The backseats push down to add extra room (great for all those flat, large pieces and handy tool cases). What is great is that it’s basic enough for anyone to maintain and handle since the standard model is without the convenience of power options (mirror adjustments, locks, etc.) Eliminating the “extras” makes the Yaris more affordable especially considering if you are purchasing a brand new vehicle that just falls under $12K. The mpg of 34-city/39-hwy and compact size makes the Yaris a proficient commuter car. You can definitely zip through narrow streets and an even better bonus is being able to grab the closest and tightest parking space available – something any city dweller would appreciate.

Thinking back to my college days, strong horsepower, a super quiet cabin, heaps of space, or the lack of power options weren’t deciding factors when choosing a car. I would have just been happy it had A/C and a CD player! If you are on a budget and want a fuel-efficient car then this is a really great choice. The only thing worth mentioning is that the speedomotor is located at the center of the dash. Having it straight ahead of the driver on the instrument panel makes it easier to quickly glance down, check your speed and still keep your head in the same direction as the road ahead. Besides making it feel awkward to glance to the right to view it, its placement isn’t very attractive in respects to its interior design.

engine bayyaris back seatdoor panel

Who should buy it?

Now that I am further down the road of life, the Yaris doesn’t fit the needs of my family and me. I would, however, highly recommend this car to long distance commuters and for any young adult (especially a college student) on a budget and on the go. With Toyota’s reputation of quality and reliability, I expect the cost of ownership to easily stay within a tight budget.

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